Here Are Two Ways to Handle Diarrhea Naturally

When you suffer from diarrhea, then you should be able to handle it with cara mengatasi diare so that you can handle it properly and quickly. Unfortunately , many people who do not know that diarrhea can cause a bad impact so it does not handle it quickly. Diarrhea is also a sign that something is bad for your digestion.

There are several ways to treat diarrhea naturally which you can do, like

1. Try eating semi-solid and low-fiber foods in stages
As bowel movements return to normal, you should eat semi-solid and low-fiber foods such as toast, eggs, rice, or chicken. However, adding portions and intake should be done gradually and slowly.

2. Consumption of various clear drinks
You should drink lots of clear liquids like mineral water, broth, and juice, every day, and avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine. But even though you have to drink lots of clear liquid, you should do this gradually.
You can increase the fluid you drink at least 1 liter per hour for 1-2 hours.