In order not to be damaged quickly, here’s how to treat air conditioners during the rainy season

In the rainy season, it is a time when we must be clever to check the condition of electronic devices so that there is no short circuit due to raindrops. Same with other electronic devices, the engine on the air conditioner can also be damaged by conceding by rainwater. Not only that, the humid temperatures in the rainy season make the AC sometimes have to be adjusted to a maximum even often standby. Even though it is raining outside, sometimes the air in the room keeps us hot so we often turn on the air conditioner. Why do you have to do AC treatment when the rainy season arrives? Not only in the dry season, the rainy season, but the temperature is also cold and the air conditioner needs maintenance. Without realizing it, some air conditioners cannot work properly and normally during the rainy season. Because of what, when the air temperature drops, the air conditioner that has not been cleaned for a long time makes a lot of thick dirt stick to the indoor or outdoor units of the device. That is why when the rainy season arrives, most of us rarely check and clean this electronic device. So who should you contact if the air conditioner is dirty? Of course, AC cleaning services are experts in the field of air conditioning and cleaning, namely aircon installation Singapore.

But if you want to try doing your own maintenance even though the results aren’t as high as hiring an expert on air conditioner service, then it doesn’t matter if you know how to do it. So that the AC stays durable and avoids damage the following are some tips on caring for the air conditioner properly in the rainy season. This step will help how to treat the air conditioner so that later when the air temperature starts to heat again, damage to the AC unit can be avoided. Filters that have been dirty AC is a source of gathering all dirt, dust or bacteria. For this purpose, clean up this device so that the air quality produced by the air conditioner can be more optimal. Cleaning the AC filter in the rainy season is also very important and must be as often as possible. This is useful so that dust and dirt do not clog the air circulation. This filter is also easier to get dirty during the rainy season because it needs to do maintenance or regular AC service. In addition to AC filters, the evaporator on the air conditioner is also a device that is cared for by dust, dirt and even ice flowers. The evaporator is a device on the AC that functions to absorb and drain heat from the air into the refrigerant. Later the liquid will be converted into gas after passing through the capillary tube. So this component is in charge of exchanging heat, the air in the room will be absorbed by the evaporator and into the pipe in so that cold air will come out. It is important to clean these components so that later there will be no accumulation of ice flowers due to air exchange through fins or evaporator ventilation.