Three things need to be prepared before going to the shipping service

If you want to send the item, wrap it as neatly and safely as possible. If the item is easily broken or damaged, provide additional safety, such as foam, newspapers, bubble wrap, foam, etc. Then if you can wrap it with thick cardboard to make it safer. All you need to know about fast track courier or shipping is that, even if you write “Don’t Slam”, “Broken”, “Fragile”, etc., still your item will definitely be slammed, thrown and crushed.


It could be said, the writing did not have much effect or even arguably had no effect at all.

This condition does not refer to just one expedition, all expedition services are the same. So, what we can do is protect our goods as well as possible so they are not damaged.

If you send items in small size, or just send a letter, it is recommended that the envelope or packaging should not be too small. Because it’s very vulnerable to being tucked away.

Write the Complete Address as Possible

You should never think that everyone knows the name of the street, the area or area of the intended address. Maybe for local people, the name of the street or area is very easy to find or famous. But for people in other regions, it may not be at all aware of the name of the street.

If you do not know the full address of the destination, at least the name of the city and sub-district should not be wrong. Because if the items are stray even though they are still in one sub-district and easy to manage. Or if it turns out that the expedition courier cannot find the written address, the package recipient can take it himself by visiting his expedition office.

There is no need to have a special position where the name, sender / recipient address is written. You can write anywhere on the letter or item to be sent.

Check the Shipping Fee

If you have prepared the goods and have written the full address, then before going to the expedition service, it is a good idea to check the shipping cost first.