Before going to the market for Arduino

Here is what you need to know. Arduino starter kit is made in a flexible way to be developed further. This is also due to the nature of Arduino which is open hardware. So that the Arduino board can also be stacked (connected) with other boards (shields), so that anyone can easily create a system, from simple to complex systems.

Because of this vast ease, there is a jargon that with Arduino board everything is made easy. The Arduino programming language uses C language and has also been developed in the direction of C ++. Even now it has also been facilitated with the Arduino IDE. so that the int main () function is written in C language, in Arduino it will write void loop () with a fairly complete library.

One that might be a little stumbling is when there are so many choices that there will be this Arduino board. Of course, if you will start learning Arduino, it will be faced with the right selection of Arduino board types that are right to use.

The types of Arduino boards that exist to date include:

– Arduino Uno
– Arduino Leonardo
– Arduino Nano
– Arduino Pro Mini
– Arduino Pro Micro
– Arduino Mega2560
– Arduino Mega ADK
– Arduino Yun

On Arduino Uno, Arduino developed 2 versions, Arduino Uno with the DIP (Dual-Inline Package) ATmega328 microcontroller and the Arduino Uno with the SMD (Small Mount Device) type ATmega328 microcontroller.

Type DIP is the most common Arduino board. The microcontroller chip is mounted on a socket to facilitate replacement if one day the microcontroller has expired. Type DIP is very suitable for beginners who are learning and often upload code.

While the SMD type uses a smaller microcontroller and is embedded directly on the board without being able to be removed. If the useful life has been exhausted, it is difficult to replace it. This type is suitable for robotic projects that do not upload code too often.

In terms of price, the type of SMD is cheaper than the DIP type. If you are learning about Arduino programming it is recommended to choose Arduino Uno with a DIP type microcontroller.