A good preparation can bring good self-confidence

Are you often nervous when presenting? Stress facing job interviews? Believe it or not, the key is in preparation. I don’t lie to you. As I wrote in the introduction, I am not good at presentation. The main cause of my disbelief when making a presentation was the lack of preparation. Why? Because I often make presentations one night before the presentation is done. Apart from that, you can also Start managing your life by clicking here, so you can find a reliable therapy center near Ryomgård, Grenaa, and Ebeltoft.

However, I have changed by preparing myself and the material as best as possible. As a result, I brought presentation material better from time to time.

What are the preparations like? Let’s say I will present material about content marketing next week. The preparation I will do is:

Research online references about content marketing. This includes statistics, principles, techniques, and content marketing case studies.

Perform brainstorming for the material that I will bring using the Mind Map technique.

Make a presentation slide and complete it two days before implementation
Presentation exercises at least 3 times.

Watch Youtube videos from some of my favorite speakers, for example, Amit Singhal videos about 15-year-old Google.

Visualize when I make the presentation. I also imagine how I delivered the presentation and the response of the participants.