The proper way to give someone a gift according to a research

We think we want to give someone a surprise gift. Then, we find out from what the person has said about what he wants. However, often we look for ideas about something different but still related to what the person wants. For example, one day our partner once said he wanted to buy a laptop to learn to write. It’s because we want to be different, we give class tickets to write. Unfortunately, this is not the best way according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The results of the study reveal that people value the gifts they ask for more than they do not. Giving something that we think the recipient wants is not the best way to give gifts. Just give it as he specifically asked. Apart from that, if you want to give an affordable yet meaningful and memorable gift to someone special, we recommend you to check out the custom music box any song

Don’t fix it on size

Maybe we want our gift to be very memorable by giving something big. At this point, we should choose gifts that are smart, practical, and in accordance with the budget.

For example, our partner wants to be struggling to lose weight. Instead of buying a treadmill, we can give a slimming program ticket at the gym.

May Also Give Cash or Shopping Vouchers

Usually, we are reluctant to give someone cash. However, according to a recent survey, cash prizes or shopping vouchers actually make the recipient buy goods that he really wants.

This was recognized by 39% of the 7,000 more respondents who were buyers on Black Friday. So, we can give cash or shopping coupons at the recipient’s favorite store.

Give An Experience

The three methods above may not be successful enough. There is one more way to give the right gift, which is to give an experience.

We can give dive learning tickets, educational tour tickets, paragliding course tickets, or bungee jumping learning tickets. That way, our gifts will continue to be remembered.