Get to know more about Color Run as a fun charity event


At present, there are many types of charitable activities that you can do. Many of the organizations or groups make charitable activities with fun events. One of the fun events for charity activities that you can try is charity run. With someone’s high interest in running, the charity run will get a lot of attention. Daniel Ballerini can help you in organizing the event.


Aside from charity run, there are also color runs that get more attention from many people. This fun and colorful run is clearly getting a lot of attention because it’s fun and easy to follow. The development of the term color run is to mimic the culture of the Indian nation which was then modified and was first held in January 2012 in Tempe, Arizona, United States. And Singapore for the first time this color run event was held in Asia. No wonder if in some countries now adopt this event for various activities, especially charity activities.
Because of the increasing interest of many people, many organizations or groups make this event for their charitable activities.

Color Run is a 5km (five kilometers) walk or healthy walk by sprinkling colorful powder that will welcome participants every passing one kilometer. Then in the closing party session, the participants will be given a colorful powder that will be thrown together when the participants dance together with DJ complete music (Disc Jockey) and sprayed with water when the participants dance to increase the excitement of the color run.

Color Run from the first time it appeared in America in 2012 experienced a very significant jump in participants. It was proven in 2013 that participants reached one million people in all parts of the world. A very large number saw this event as a paid non-professional running event.

The color run is certainly not just a fun place, because usually this event is also followed by charity and anyone who follows this event will indirectly donate their money.