The History of Vaping


Vaping trends that hit lately is a term used to call the trend of smoking by using an electric cigarette. Because of the popularity of Vaping or electronic cigarettes, now until there is a special community that contains people who use an electric cigarette. The name Vaping itself comes from the word Vapor which means steam. Indeed how the electric cigarette itself works is to change the liquid into smoke-like. Although reap the pros and cons, but vaping increasingly spread and increasingly favored by the community because vaping itself touted as a healthier alternative smoking. If you want to buy a vape liquid and to Turn Wax into E liquid , you can visit our website.

Actually vaping has been around since 2003 and patented by Hon Lik. Hon Lik himself is a heavy smoker and want to get out of his smoking addiction. The idea of making electric cigarettes itself also emerged because he dreamed to drown in the sea and when he was dying because his lungs are full of water magically the water is turned into steam so he can breathe and exhale easily. It was that dream that Hon Lik had the idea of making electric cigarettes where cigarettes no longer smoke but water vapor. He tried hard to do research and eventually in 2006 Hon Lik managed to make electric cigarettes with the latest design and ready to be introduced to a wide audience.

Vaping power or electric cigarette comes from the battery. This battery will produce useful electricity heating the liquid to turn into a vapor that resembles cigarette smoke. Liquid or commonly called liquid is already widely found in a variety of fruit flavors such as strawberries, oranges, and others. Well, this vaping fluid consists of a mixture of glycerol (food sweetener), propylene glycol (steam thickener), flavorings, and nicotine. But just calm down, not all electric cigarette liquids contain nicotine. Although there is also a liquid containing nicotine, nicotine levels vary between 0 to 24 mg.