Growing Your Empathy Inside You With These Two Ways

In today’s world, where many people are very individualistic, in fact, it makes many people unaware that they are losing empathy in themselves. For this reason, many people feel stressed to live life because it can’t help others. For this reason, is here and can help you deal with life’s problems and stresses.

But apparently, there are several ways to develop a sense of empathy for yourself, like

1. Open your heart to the circumstances around you
Sharpening your sense of empathy cannot be done if you don’t try to open your heart first. Because impulse has a share in creating sensitivity and a sense of empathy within you.

2. Understand your own emotions before the emotions of others
You as a human must have felt a variety of emotional turmoil in yourself. Such as feelings of pleasure, sadness, anger, disappointment, fear, loss, stress and so forth. It’s good if you make that experience to try to understand and feel the feelings that are being experienced by others.